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The Collective Retirement Account

As an experienced pensions provider, we’re trusted by over 180,000 pension customers. Our pension, the Collective Retirement Account (CRA), offers a wide range of flexible options to you with no additional costs.
Because it’s a pension, the CRA benefits from certain tax advantages that aren’t available to other kinds of investment.
  • You can transform your taxable income into highly tax-efficient long-term savings
  • Usually, you can take up to 25% of your fund as a tax-free sum when you start taking benefits.

Features and benefits of the Collective Retirement Account

  • Open an account with as little as a lump sum of £3,600 or a £99 regular monthly contribution.
  • You can transfer other pensions into the CRA easily, allowing you to put your retirement savings in one place.
  • Access over 2,100 funds and more than 600 exchange traded investments to grow your retirement savings.
  • Gives you the flexibility to take income or lump sums from your CRA, normally any time from your 55th birthday, whilst leaving the rest of your retirement fund invested.
  • Your account provides benefits for your loved ones on your death.
  • If your family members also invest with us, you can link your assets with theirs and enjoy a lower effective charge for every person linked.
  • Activate your online Customer Centre account to get access to performance analysis and key documents.
  • You have the option, if you need it, to transfer the value of your CRA to another pension scheme or use it to buy a guaranteed income for life.

Next steps

Because we believe in the value of financial advice, all of our products are only available via a financial adviser.

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