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ISA and Junior ISA

Quilter's ISA

As an experienced ISA provider, we’re trusted by over 260,000 ISA customers (as at 31 August 2022). We offer a stocks and shares ISA with the flexibility to choose contribution and withdrawal dates from 1 – 28 of the month, and the ability to replenish withdrawals within the same tax year. This helps you to have more control and to make the most of your ISA allowance.

Features and benefits of the ISA

  • Access to over 2,100 funds and more than 600 Exchange Traded Investments to grow your savings.
  • Open an account with a lump sum of £2,500 or a £99 regular monthly contribution.
  • Contribute up to £20,000 per annum in the 2022/23 tax year.
  • Replenish withdrawals within the same tax year, without impacting your ISA allowance.
  • Link your assets with those of your family members and enjoy a lower effective charge for every person linked.
  • Activate your online Customer Centre account to get access to performance analysis and other key features, including online withdrawals.
  • Transferring another ISA to us is easy. Plus we’ll reward you by giving you a lower effective charge, the more you have invested with us.

Trusted by over 260,000 ISA customers

Check your ISA performance and withdraw online

Link your assets with family members

Introducing our new Junior ISA

Available through our new technology, you can now save tax efficiently for your children or grandchildren through our Junior ISA, as well as via our pension, the Collective Retirement Account. It carries most of the benefits of our standard ISA, plus:

  • Contribute up to £9,000 this tax year.
  • Transferring existing Junior ISAs or Child Trust Funds is easy.
  • Benefit from family linking.
  • Minimum initial investment of £500 or £50 for regular investments.